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Swim School


Teaching Aids

We use a variety of teaching aids for our swimming lessons including: large and small barbells, progressive backfloats, kickboards, fins, and dive toys.


We recommend swimmers wear goggles starting as young as possible. This is typically 2–3 years old. We sell Speedo Junior Hydrospex for kids 6 months to adults and a few other styles for swim team and higher level swimmers. If you are not purchasing goggles from us, please be sure to make sure you have a proper fit. A good way to test is pressing the lenses down to your face. A good fitting goggle will suction on without the straps behind your head. Younger swimmers with poor fitting goggles that leak will assume that they do not like ANY goggle. Look for goggles made of silicone that do not have a separate nose piece and that have a single strap that is split in half in the back. Our staff can help with fitting your child if you have any questions.


Swim caps are great for long hair. They help keep hair out eyes and mouth while swimming. They are also great for swimmers who have thinner, brittle hair. Younger swimmers are more willing to wear a silicone cap than rather than a latex cap. They slide on easily over dry hair, but will stay on better if you wet your hair down prior. They do not pull the hair like a latex swim cap. Silicone caps are a little more expensive than latex but will last a lot longer. Swim caps do not prevent hair from getting wet. We like to think of it as the hair being dipped in water, rather than a full soaking.

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