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Dolphin Pups: A playful introduction to the water through games and songs. Babies flourish during this one-on-one time with parents in the water.
• Ages 6–42 months
• 3 progressive levels
• 5 tots (with parent) per class maximum

Dolphin Pup 1: Introduces apprehensive, inexperienced babies to the water with peace and laughter. Through fun games and songs, they relax in the pool. Some will learn to hold their breath while dipped underwater. Next stop: Dolphin Pup 2!

Dolphin Pup 2 & 3: For new or experienced Pups. These confident tots learn to jump into the pool to a parent, hold their breath for 8–10 seconds, depth awareness, back floating, mobility with a flotation device and some will even dive for rings. All of these fun skills are accompanied by songs and games.

Dolphin Pup 4: Age 2¾–3 yrs old, Parent required to be present with a suit on daily. Inexperienced swimmer, may not be comfortable with face in water, may not be comfortable floating on back, may need assistance jumping in. Teacher runs class, parents are in water for safety. Transition class from Dolphin Pups to Mini Dolphins

Mini Dolphins: Early swimming gives children an athletic head-start and a wonderful sense of self-esteem. Our safety program balances this with life-saving respect for the water.
• Ages 3–5 years
• 3 progressive levels
• 3–4 students per class maximum

Mini Dolphin 1: For new and beginner swimmers. Daily themes encourage swimmers to relax in the pool, jump from the side, swim 5 feet without assistance and float comfortably. Next stop: Mini Dolphin 2!

Mini Dolphin 2: For children who are already comfortable with their faces in the water. They can already consistently swim 5 feet on their own. Swimmers will learn to swim 10 feet freestyle with forward breathing along with how to be mobile on their back by adding kicks. Next stop: Mini Dolphin 3!

Mini Dolphin 3: For advanced pre-schoolers who can already swim 10 feet freestyle with forward breathing. Strength and technique improve. They learn to swim the full length of the pool backstroke and freestyle taking forward breaths as needed. Next stop: Junior Dolphin 1 or Junior Dolphin 2!

Junior Dolphins: Swimming is a fun-filled, friendship-building sport. Weekly lessons at Wise Swim School add structure, motivation and amazing results.
• Ages 5–8 years
• 3 progressive levels
• 4 students per class maximum

Junior Dolphin 1: Class for beginning school-age children. Swimmers learn a relaxed, effective stroke on front and back for 25 feet, half-way across the pool. Next stop: Junior Dolphin 2!

Junior Dolphin 2: These school age children can already swim on their backs and fronts unassisted 25 feet. Their strength, technique and confidence improve. Distance increases to the full length of the pool with Wise side breathing and stronger kicks. Next stop: Junior Dolphin 3!

Junior Dolphin 3: For advanced young children who comfortably swim the length of the pool freestyle and backstroke. Stamina and skills improve. They will reach 2 lengths of the pool freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers will also learn breast-stroke arms and legs separately along with dolphin kicks. Next stop: Junior Dolphin 4 or Super Dolphin 2!

Junior Dolphin 4: For children who can effortlessly swim 2 lengths of the pool backstroke and freestyle with Wise side breaths. Swimmers will add 2 lengths backstroke and freestyle along with incorporating the arms and legs of breast-stroke together and improving on dolphin kicks. Shows excellent endurance and grasps new drills quickly. Next stop: Super Dolphin 2 or Super Dolphin 3!

Super Dolphins: Skilled swimmers are prepared for a lifetime of water fun. Learn to swim the Wise way.
• Ages 8+ years
• 3 progressive levels
• 4 students per class maximum

Super Dolphin 1: For beginning swimmers. They learn a relaxed, effective stroke on front and back. Once they can swim 2 lengths backstroke and freestyle with Wise side breathing they are ready for the next level. Next stop: Super Dolphin 2!

Super Dolphin 2: For swimmers who can complete 2 lengths backstroke and freestyle with Wise side breaths along with exhibiting good form. By improving strength and technique 2 additional lengths of freestyle and backstroke will be gained. Students will also add 2 lengths of breast-stroke and dolphin kicks to their repertoire. Next stop: Super Dolphin 3!

Super Dolphin 3: For swimmers who can complete at least 4 lengths of freestyle and backstroke and 2 lengths breast-stroke and dolphin kicks. Super Dolphin 3s add 2 lengths of butterfly and breast- stroke to their repertoire and continue to increase strength and distance. Next stop: Racing Dolphin!

Racing Dolphins & Riptide Prep: A motivating environment for children who have already learned the 4 competitive strokes. Racing Dolphins prepare for the Riptide or club teams.
• Ages 8+ years

Racing Dolphin: This 30 minute class is for swimmers who can complete 4 lengths of each stroke (butterfly, backstroke, breast-stroke and freestyle) and show endurance when they swim.

Riptide Prep: For Swimmer SD3 and higher, a 45 minute workout focusing on form. Swimmers experience a less competitive environment but with all of the benefits of bigger club teams. Riptide Prep practices twice a week.

Private, Semi-Private and Special Needs Lessons: 30-minute classes with 1–2 students per class. These lessons cost a bit more but give some swimmers the extra focus they need for success. ADD/ADHD, Autistic and Special Needs Programs available. Please call for details.

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